Started shooting with film from my Dad's camera way back......whoa, stop right there, not sure who cares to hear about this since most of us started in photography in the same way. Its through our progressions in the film days did we get to digital and here we are now, today. Tomorrow may be different and to that we will also adapt.

Its about light, technique, vision and endless passion.

Its amazing how the light hitting a subject can change the message based on the direction, color, strength and quality of the light, regardless of subject.

My technique in post processing is an endless journey of education, experience and experiments. No two images need be the same.

With most images I have envisioned a final image before the shutter is clicked. This takes preparation, set up, review and lots of luck. And then maybe starting over. Thanks to digital, we can shoot 100 images of one subject and have 1 keeper to work with. That truly is the beauty of digital and maybe the last 'freebie' we'll ever have. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Passion. It keeps me up at night. Nothing more to be said.